Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feb 16, 2010 to March 23, 2010, Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FL MM 1195

This posts begins with the trip's one-way southbound stats. In addition it contains photos of a boat fire, cruising with pets, charts & cruising guides, canvas work and fun.

Stats from Sunday 11/1/09, Solomons, MD to Monday 2/15/10, Dinner Key, Marathon, FL.

Total Days - 107
Total Distance traveled - 1,346 miles (combined nautical and statute miles)
Sailed - 58 miles...
Engine Hours - 240.9
Diesel used - 152 gal., cost - $ 454.45, average per gal $ 2.98, GPH .6
Honda generator - 47 hrs.
Travel nights:
Marina - 37, ave cost $ 48 night
Mooring - 24, ave cost $ 17 night
Anchor - 27, ave cost free
Free dockage - 18 (friends homes and no charge while boat being repaired)

Repeat of LOON arriving Dinner Key. See small houseboat behind LOON.

Again, see small houseboat behind LOON's bow.

Small houseboat at 0300 on 3/14/10. I awoke to loud voices and saw the boat on fire.
The harbor fire boat (a 15' inflatable) pumped water on the boat for 45 minutes. I guess for practice as it didn't make a difference.

Next day. Photo taken standing on the dock looking past LOON to the burnt hull. If the wind direction had changes 45-50 degrees the boat fire could have been on my stern. Also, if you recall from my last post, a 32' sportfish dragged its anchor into Dinner Key mooring field in a thunderstorm. I bring these two events to your attention to show just unsafe your boat really is. Not in a mooring field or a slip in a marina. Keep your insurance coverage. It IS the other guys that will get you.

All that remains. Update. TEN days laster the powers to be had not removed the burnt hull and it began leaking fuel. In Dinner Key they will hang you for shitting over the side, BUT will not removed a burned boat. And recycleing is a joke.

The joys of traveling with pets.

A few pictures of a pelican.

A pretty schooner in Dinner Key Harbor.

A very small boat with a young couple planning to sail the Bahamas.

Low tide. The small boat has a flat bottom... and doesn't drag anchor at least 1/2 the time.

Next are the charts and cruising guides I used. There are hundreds of guides, so pick the one your like. They all contain similar data, just say/present it differently. Remember double click to enlarge the photo.

Two Maptech ChartKit I used. West Marine around $125-$130 ea.

Flip chart by John and Leslie Kettelwell, 5th edition, $69.95 Used it every day!

Skipper Bob- a must have and economical. Skipper Bob's widow has contracted with Dozier's Waterway Guide to continue the publication. Used the "Anchorages" almost every day!

Dozier's Waterway Guides, $39.95 ea. I purchased at the Annapolis Boat Show and received a 20% or 25% discount.

While in Marathon I attended a nautical flea market. Gail, a cruiser, was showing her canvas work. Soooo I contracted for lee cloths for my book cases.

An outboard motor cover.

And an anchor bag for the dinghy.

Daysail on Biscayne Bay.

My cousin from Marathon. Some days are just better than others!

Sharing the anchorage with a 120 foot yacht. West of Key Biscayne near MM 1095.

A hard rain in the Dinner Key mooring field.

Rain washed the salt away. That's it for now.

The next and final post will be from Marathon and is entitled FRIENDS.